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Call us, or order take out at: (334) 887-7766

Fuji Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine is a restaurant located within minutes of Auburn University's campus. Fuji has over 35 different sushi rolls, from non-raw sushi rolls to artistic, fresh maki. Fuji also has a range of sashimi dishes and combinations featuring over twenty kinds of fresh seafood. 

Fuji's appetizers are a sure way to start a good meal. From delicious tempura appetizers to edamame, our appetizers are sure to please. We also feature three types of salads and miso soup for appetizers.

First time for sushi? No worries. Our servers can suggest certain rolls for whatever your taste. We have completely vegetarian rolls, as well as non-raw and tempura rolls which are sure to please even the most skeptic inquirer. 

Don't like sushi? Although we always say that there is a sushi roll for every customer that comes to our restaurant, we have many Japanese dishes for you, including teriyaki combinations and tempura. 

Fuji Sushi Bar aims to please every customer that comes in. Special requests are welcome for both sushi and Japanese cuisine dishes. Fuji also accepts reservations and now has gift cards available.

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Fuji Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine * 1499 S. College St * Auburn * AL * 36832*(334)-887-7766